Alberto García Antuña

What is C++

  • Is a general-purpose programming lenguage

  • Has imperative , object-orientes and generic programming features

  • Provides facilities for low-level memory manipulation

  • Was created by Bjarne Stroustrup

History of C++

  • In 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup, a Danish computer scientist, began work on "C with Classes".
  • The motivation for creating a new language originated from Stroustrup's experience in programming for his Ph.D. thesis.
  • Initially, Stroustrup's "C with Classes" added features to the C compiler, Cpre, including classes, derived classes, strong typing, inlining and default arguments.
  • In 1983, "C with Classes" was renamed to "C++" adding new features
  • In 1985, the first edition of The C++ Programming Language was released, which became the definitive reference for the language, as there was not yet an official standard.
  • The first commercial implementation of C++ was released in October of the same year.
  • In 1989, C++ 2.0 was released, followed by the updated second edition of The C++ Programming Language in 1991 adding new features.
  • After the 2.0 update, C++ evolved relatively slowly until, in 2011, the C++11 standard was released
  • After a minor C++14 update released in December 2014, various new additions are planned for 2017 and 2020.

What can you do using C++?

  • Most of the AAA games what use unreal engine or unity

  • Many iOS apps

  • Major web browsers

  • Most productivity software (MS Office, Photoshop, Maya/3ds, SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD)

How to create a simple program in C++

  • First open a new proyect on an IDE that supports C++ (For example i'm using Dev-C++)
  • Then, insert the libraries by coping this lines at the beginning of the file
  • After that, copy the next lines below the libraries
  • Finally, press the compile button or "F9"
  • This is the window that should appear if you have done everything correctly